Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Thorough assessments to identify areas of underperformance and implement robust innovative strategies for long-term success.

Operational Excellence Deployment
We work with our clients step by step to achieve their goals through personalized Operational Excellence tools.

Using methods such as end to end value stream mapping, Kaizen, productivity & margin improvement workshops, we create the necessary conditions for you to achieve Operational Excellence.

Common problems organizations face with Operational Excellence Deployment

Lack of alignment behind Opex initiatives
– Members of an organization half-heartedly adopt initiatives, leading to inevitable failure

Focusing on Departments rather than cross-functional processes
– Organizations tunnel vision on fine-tuning departments rather than cross-functional operations

Lack of Purpose
– Organizations introduce Opex initiatives because their competitors did, without a proper call to action.

Misplaced Focus
– Organizations see Opex initiatives as cost reduction tools rather than a process to improve the customer’s experience

Utilize our expertise to

  • Optimize resource allocation to drive financial performance
  • Pounce on market opportunities to grow your business
  • Eclipse customer expectations
  • Produce consistent results
  • Augment performance through proactive metrics
  • Grow your operations at efficient costs

How do we do it?

  1. Meet business objectives through program assessment, improvement, focused events, and
    project management.
  2. Evolve organizational capabilities through mentoring & coaching.
  3. Nurture a continuous improvement culture via self-improvement roadmaps.
Continuous Improvement Projects
In a rapidly changing business environment, enterprises seeking to maintain their growth and competitiveness need to implement mechanisms for continuous improvement.

Through expert tools like TPM, Lean Six Sigma, A3/8D, 5S, and Value stream mapping, we pinpoint your critical weaknesses and greatest opportunities to generate tangible results for you in days, rather than months.

Common problems faced in implementing CIP’s

  • Failure to account for all stakeholders
    – Organizations do not incorporate all the relevant employees and departments when rolling out changes, leading to friction and inefficiency
  • Lack of prioritization
    – By focusing on inaccurate metrics, businesses prioritize the wrong initiatives to lead their organization forward
  • Inadequate tools
    – Businesses incorporate process management tools that are either too complicated to effectively use, or they are inadequate at extracting value from assets
  • Lack of employee engagement
    – Organizations fail to communicate changes effectively with employees, leading to skepticism and a lack of engagement with CI

Our experts can assist you by

  • Developing cross functional roles and responsibilities for the CIP project
  • Accurately measuring performance with the right metrics
  • Devising standardized processes that can respond to anomalies
  • Integrating your systems to curtail waste

How do we do it?

  1. Plan – Determine scope of project, data needs and resource commitment
  2. Design – Create future value stream maps, improvement plans, and assign resources and timelines
  3. Sustain – Provide framework to prevent regression
  4. Assess – Develop value stream maps, analyze data, and distribute resources
  5. Execute – Implement projects, review, and replicate
Productivity Planning and Execution
Find new ways to improve productivity in your workplace and reduce costs with our business experts.

Our 6 faceted approach delivers 10x productivity for your business without eroding customer confidence or organizational trust.

Problems organizations face with Productivity Planning

  • Lack of direction
    – Supervisors are unable to provide guidance to allow employees to prioritize tasks appropriately
  • Poor training
    – Employees are not trained according to unique business processes, making them error prone and anxious in their jobs
  • Chaotic work environment
    – Work spaces are filled with distractions that prevent employees from working effectively
  • Faulty communication
    – Employers do not have strong communication channels in place to communicate work performance, expectations, and grievances to and from employees
  • Scarce incentives
    – Employers do not have clear incentives in place to push employees to do their work to the best of their ability

Allow us to revitalize your organization by

  • Building a work model that improves resource demand and performance
  • Develop simple and standard critical processes in crucial areas of your organization
  • Identify under performing aspects of your business and transform it
  • Implement data driven decision systems into your decision making process for faster and focused solutions
  • Build key capabilities throughout your organization to sustain 10x productivity

6 Steps to 10X your productivity

  1. Evaluate your organization to build an operating model to lower cost and increase performance
  2. Develop critical processes for customers, employees, support, and decision making
  3. Transform under performing areas through data analytics and Lean Six Sigma to improve cash flow
  4. Devise unconventional strategies through end to end value streams and market analysis
  5. Implement a 3 level dashboard to align, focus, and hasten your decision making
  6. Build key capabilities throughout your organization for self sufficiency
Operations Management

In today’s environment, staying ahead means acting fast and scaling well. Work with us to connect your boardroom strategy with the product line. With our experts, you can expect transformations that rapidly deliver results, and maximize your competitive advantage.

We take the time to understand your organization to develop practical partnerships. We target growth opportunities by optimizing your processes, reallocating resources, and finding new methods to sharpen your competitive advantage. Our goal is to evolve your internal capabilities to seize value today and deftly navigate your future.

Problems organizations face in Operations Management

  • Globalization
    – As markets converge, companies need to produce cheaper and better to stay competitive
  • Sustainability practices
    – Companies fail to account for the social, environmental, and economic impact of their operations
  • Social responsibility
    – Businesses do not engage with their communities, or take short cuts that harms consumer trust
  • Communication
    – Clear lines of internal and external communication are not installed, leading to confusion amongst stakeholders
  • Process design
    – Key processes are not designed to take full advantage of digital technologies

Take your operations to the next level with us

  • Unlock your full operating potential with enhanced, active, and bold solutions
  • Elevate customer experience while harmonizing costs, quality and revenues
  • Save across all spending categories with optimized procurement strategies
  • Align strategy with resource allocation for greater returns on investments
  • Augment support functions to launch you ahead of your competition

How can we help

  1. Examine operations for improvement opportunities
  2. Road map implementation of solutions
  3. Develop initiatives to catch rapid results
  4. Engage organization to take ownership of initiatives
  5. Upgrade cross functional processes for flawless execution
Lean Organizational Design and Optimization
We transform organizations by installing systems that continuously improve themselves and push employees to exceed customer expectations more effectively.

Infinity Opex believes that Lean design is far more than a headcount reduction. To us it is an overhaul of how employees envision their organization and interact with problems in their day to day operations.

Why lean integration fails

  • Leadership installs tools that are not designed to meet their unique needs
    – Tools that do not improve just in time capabilities for employees are purchased
  • Current management systems are fixed in their ways
    – Management does not think their processes need to be changed and are unable to acquire new skills necessary to prevent repetitive issues
  • Treating people as liabilities
    – Viewing employees as an expense prevents leadership from realizing the organizational change required for proper lean management

Become lean with us

  • Align leadership with a purpose driven culture to outperform competitors, attract a diverse and talented workforce, and empower collaboration to chase innovative solutions to your problems
  • Adopt lean ways of working and tackle every problem as an opportunity for growth
  • Build capabilities to sustain operational excellence well into the future

How can we help

  1. Sizing – Allocate resources for desired result
  2. Positioning – Pair the right capabilities for the job
  3. Alignment – Define clear expectation and incentives for desirable performance
Quality Program Assessment

Ensure your quality monitoring identifies customer pain points by focusing on what matters to customers.

Our solutions rely on rigorous data analysis and the experience of industry veterans to recommend pragmatic and continuous solutions. We walk through your customer journey to pinpoint troubling areas and construct a roadmap to deliver your desired business outcomes and best in class customer experience.

Problems organizations face with Quality Programs

  • Lack of commitment
    – Quality is sacrificed in crunch periods for speed
  • Inconsistent standards
    – Companies do not set transparent and self evident standards for quality
  • Inadequate training
    – Necessary skills and values are not instilled into workers
  • Ineffective communication
    – Workers are not trusted with responsibility and their inputs are ignored
  • Nonoptimal use of technology
    – Technology is not utilized to manage workloads and automate tedious tasks

Drive real results with our solutions

  • Extract proactive insights from customer journeys
  • Develop KPIs that lead business performance and desired outcomes
  • Establish what matters most to customers
  • Utilize data to spur insights and reap value
  • Leverage experts who fully grasp the customer experience to make key decisions

How can we help

  1. Identify – Gaps in policies, SOPs, systems and metrics across your organization
  2. Prioritize – Implementation, compliance and effectiveness of QA programs through an intuitive scorecard
  3. Road Map – Long term actions by evaluating organizational capabilities against QA benchmarks
Quality Improvement Initiatives

To evolve, organizations must seek out problems and solve them. Companies that successfully embrace problem solving through root cause analysis are able to rectify problems before they spread, freeing up valuable resources for growth.

At Infinity Opex, our experts are highly skilled in planning and implementing an RCA process for your business needs. Our experts will be with you every step of the journey until the RCA process has been seamlessly integrated into your business model

Problems organizations face with Root Cause Analysis

  • Poorly defined problem
    – If an RCA does not have sufficient breadth and depth, it will always fall short of the desired outcome
  • Weak solutions
    – Root cause analysis requires strong follow up action to be successful, weak solutions will sabotage the work done in the RCA
  • Poor execution
    – Corrective action is distorted in execution, reducing its effectiveness
  • Regressive behavior
    – Effective action is rolled back, paving the way for the problem to resurface

Charge ahead with our solutions

  • Infuse your RCA with data analytics and machine learning for cutting edge solutions
  • Evaluate your problem solving tools for improvement
  • Develop and implement RCA’s to prevent costly repetitive errors
  • Train your leadership to conduct RCA’s independently

How can we help in 4 steps

  1. Define the problem and assemble resources to rectify
  2. Contain the problem and determine root cause
  3. Develop and implement corrective measures and process controls
Supply Chain Assessment & Optimization
Supply chains in the modern age are increasingly global with multiple complex moving parts working in unison to deliver value to customers.

Our team of experts combines industry experience, innovative thinking, technical expertise, and data analytics to provide personalized solutions for your supply chain needs. With our planning and expertise we link strategy to design, guaranteeing that your supply chain is resilient and unrestricted.

Problems organizations face with supply chain management

  • Rising costs
    – Increasing fuel, raw material, and labor costs can cripple your supply chain if not properly managed
  • Complex channels to market
    – eCommerce, retailers, and third party marketplaces each have unique methods of selling products to consumers that must be considered in any robust supply chain
  • Consumer demands
    – Consumers are spoiled for choice, to stand out products need to be of the highest quality, affordable, and reach consumers within days
  • Volatility
    – Without proper management, supply chains are vulnerable to political circumstances, driver shortages, port congestion, and delay

  • Utilize data to optimize freight routes and volume
  • Strategically incorporate technological advancements to enhance services and exceed customer expectations
  • Discover new business opportunities to unlock untapped markets
  • Improve supply chain visibility and time to market
  • Infuse flexibility into your supply chain

How can we help?

  1. Conduct comprehensive supply chain assessment
  2. Identify limiting constraints on your supply chain
  3. Reinvent supply chain to satisfy your business needs
Data Analytics

Companies are consistently turning to data to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s fierce markets. Harness your data to extract business insights and uncover opportunities for process improvement and innovation.

Our data analytics experts derive maximum value from your data to tackle your most intimidating challenges. Our team possesses the industry knowledge, expertise, and understands consumer needs and market conditions necessary to deliver flexible solutions with rapid results.
Using the latest techniques in data science, we provide unrivaled value for your data.

Problems companies face with data analytics

  • Inadequate analytical skills
    – Companies are unable to accurately interpret data results
  • Lack of technical skills
    – Organizations lack the capabilities to gather and analyze data
  • Data security & privacy
    – Customer data and business critical processes are not properly encrypted, resulting in private information being leaked
  • Cost of storage
    – The cost of storing data on site or in data centers can quickly add up as a company scales

Charge into the future with our advanced analytics

  • Yield better and faster decisions from your data
  • Optimize your pricing strategy to set the right price every time
  • Understand consumer needs and how to exceed them in days through analytics
  • Balance operations and analytics to market more for less
  • Integrate technology to obtain end to end analytics dexterity for your business

How can we help?

  1. Gather and analyze your data
  2. Recommend strategies based off our findings
  3. Implement dashboards for self sufficient data analysis
Business Turnaround

There is a 1 in 3 chance that any company could cease existence in the next 5 years. Avoid an early demise with the help of our seasoned experts.

Our team works with all the players in your company to diagnose the problems your business is facing. We then use this information to deliver quick targeted solutions to improve your margins and cash flow, and develop a roadmap for your business to sustain the turnaround.

Problems organizations face with business turnaround

  • Refusal to change
    – Executives and board members need to change the core functions of the business to enact a successful turnaround
  • Lack of innovation
    – A company must trim expenses and grow revenue organically to sustain a complete turnaround
  • Poor communication
    – Lack of clear communication from board members to all relevant stakeholders will lead to anxiety and confusion spreading through an organization, dooming any chance of a successful turnaround
  • Inaccurate estimates of necessary capital
    – Executives do not know how much capital is required to turn the company around

Transition and pivot towards growth with us

  • Deliver rapid, tangible and sustainable step change improvements
  • Realize your potential for drastic performance gains
  • Critical assessments of your business plan for necessary changes
  • Long term financial management for post crisis phase
  • Reposition yourself in the market for maximum upside performance

How we can help you

  1. Identify pertinent problems through qualitative and quantitative analysis of the business
    – Analyzing cash flow, customer satisfaction, market share, employee engagement will define where you are, and where you need to go.
  2. Strategic assessment and development of business turnaround
    – Situation assessment will highlight priority areas for improvement, expected timeline, and desirable personnel
  3. Execute the turnaround
    – Clear communication of strategic aims throughout organization and measurement metrics to ensure desired performance
  4. Exit the turnaround
    – Implement preventative measures for company decline and emphasize profit and value improvement opportunities
Business Process Improvement

Do more with less by optimizing your business processes

Our expertise allows us to quickly assess your business and generate solutions that provide the greatest returns. We leverage our intellectual capital to exceed industry benchmarks and catapult you ahead of your competition.

Problems organization face with Process Improvement

  • Over complicating improvement
    – In the rush to improve things, processes become far too complex and tedious, creating doubt and confusion
  • Wrong mindset
    – Without a mindset that is focused on continuous improvement, few initiatives will have a lasting positive impact
  • Poor communication
    – Not relaying key information to relevant stakeholders leads to loss of focus and purpose for the improvement project
  • Not leveraging technology
    – Companies do not know how to apply technological advancements to their processes for tangible results

Explore superior business process improvements with us

  • Prioritize initiatives for significant performance gain in the shortest time possible
  • Incorporate technology to sustain process improvement
  • Combine best in class practices with your capabilities maximize your benefits
  • Scale your business with a personalized comprehensive structured process
  • Develop a desired state and optimize your processes to get you there

How we can help you

  1. Define – What and where are the improvement opportunities?
  2. Measure – Quantify the value of the opportunity
  3. Analyze – What is the cause of pain points?
  4. Improve – How can pain points be eliminated?
  5. Control – Are the solutions working as intended?

What can we help you achieve?

Where will your career take you?