About Infinity OpEx

Who We Are?

Infinity OpEx is a collaborative network of highly sought-after experts focused on Operations, Quality, Supply Chain, and Operational Excellence Consulting and Training & Development with an intense passion for driving higher profitability, productivity, and cost/waste reduction.


We focus on building organization’s
capabilities so it can become self sufficient


We implement
Innovative, Effective, and Sustainable solutions


We don’t take months in solving business problems. TIME IS MONEY!


We deliver 10X level improvements

What Matters to Us?


To be a preferred global partner, positively impacting business results by offering robust CONSULTING and TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT solutions to our clients.


We strive to solve critical business problems by developing extraordinary people and sustainable solutions fueled by unique insights into the needs of our customers.


Client’s success is our success
Respect for People
Transparency and Integrity
Belief in Human Potential

What can we help you achieve?

Where will your career take you?