Operations Manager Training

A 4-week program that will teach you to analyze and improve business processes in manufacturing by learning key concepts on how to increase productivity and deliver results ahead of schedule. You will learn how to identify key elements of process analysis such as flow rates, flow times, optimization of labor, optimization of inventory and how to handle multiple flow units at a time (multi-task). By learning how to break down normal operations into efficient processes you’ll be able to maximize profits and efficiency. 

You will also learn the main components of productivity. You’ll learn what are the most common roadblocks, indications of effectiveness, how to improve productivity and how to accurately estimate values of your team and financial values. You will learn how to decrease inputs and increase outputs which will boost your overall productivity. We will also go over some quality management lessons that will help you anticipate the defects that may occur in your strategy before they take place.

Achieve Certificates

Lean Six Sigma


A degree in engineering (Industrial, Mechanical, Chemical) would be recommended. You must have some experience in heading operations or some management experience.

Offered Format

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