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Infinity matches top professionals, managers, and executives with leading employers nationwide. We place qualified professionals in a multitude of promising careers and much more. We simplify your job search and help you build your career, by providing the opportunity, expertise and support you need.

Candidate Process

Establish search criteria, e.g., specific companies/industries, skills, and region.
Identify potential candidates to interview.
Assess for skills, culture fit, location, expectations, and work history.
Support candidates during the interview process.
Mediate between client and candidate during job offer and acceptance process.
Be available to provide support during transition period.
Provide 30 day follow-up.

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Submit your resume to Infinity Recruiting & Consulting to learn about your ideal job availability! Many top jobs are confidential or new opportunities may not be posted yet. If you choose to upload your resume, we will automatically extract the information, which will expedite the recruitment process.


“Throughout the job search process, our recruiter was a very experienced and capable leader. His knowledge of Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement was broad and deep. He had a driven and servant leadership style approach which helped him to achieve great results.” (see more Testimonials)

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