Optimize your hiring process.

At Infinity Recruiting & Consulting we are committed to help you hire the leaders, professionals, and industry experts your organization needs – faster and cost effectively.  
Our clients and candidates enjoy our commitment to our founding principle of “Respect for People” through personal, courteous, and professional relationships.  We deliver best results through…




Employee Request

Client Process

Identify client needs based on skills, organization, goals, and values.
Prepare a multi-pronged campaign to identify the most qualified candidates.
Present evaluated and most qualified candidates.
Support client during candidate evaluation process.
Provide any support requested during candidate selection process.
Mediate between client and candidate during job offer and acceptance process.
30 day follow-up to ensure client's satisfaction.

Retained Search

  • A dedicated resource to manage End to End process
  • Face to face Socio-Technical evaluation by Infinity OpEx
  • Guaranteed at least three candidates you select to interview
  • References checked and submitted of all three candidates
  • Placement fees are equally broken into thirds  – Launch, Interview, Hire

Contingent Search  

  • A no obligation candidate search process
  • A placement fee applied upon hire of our candidate
  • Includes our Socio-Technical evaluation via Skype
  • References checked and submitted of final candidate


  • Project Management
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belts & Master Black Belts
  • Quality Engineering
  • Quality Program Management
  • Process/Program Auditing
  • Org. Assessment & Design
  • Plant Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Engineering
  • Data Analysis  

Connecting with Talent

We know that good hiring decisions require much more than matching skills and experience to the job description. We will invest the necessary time to thoroughly understand the culture and values of your organization so that we present you with the best candidates who will be valued members of your organization for a long a time.
We know that the most talented professionals, managers and executives are usually not actively looking for a job, but often they are open to the right opportunity. At Infinity OpEx we use our expertise, experience, connections, and vast network to find you best candidates you might otherwise never meet.
We identify, assess and interview many potential candidates starting with local talent pool and expanding nationally and globally when necessary. However, we save you time by presenting only the most qualified candidates. We also invest significant amount of time with the candidates to ensure their understanding of the position and your organization’s culture and values. This unique Socio-Technical evaluation method enables our clients find the right candidates quickly.
We work closely with the candidates to ensure that the opportunity is the right fit for them and their families. We continue to work with the ideal candidate you have selected for the position from offer acceptance to transitioning to their new job.
We practice discretion during candidate identification, evaluation, interviewing, selection, and negotiating process while filling a position. All confidential and privileged information are handled with great care and is never shared without your approval. We serve as a trustworthy liaison between you and candidate. You can rest assured that we live by our code of ethics.