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Our Mission

We make it our mission to empower forward-thinking organizations to navigate through uncertainties and reinvent their future

Our History

As a premier boutique operation, supply chain, and lean six sigma consulting firm, Infinity OpEx is dedicated to helping business leaders realign people, processes, and technological initiatives to their core visions and business strategy. We strive to solve critical business problems by developing extraordinary people and sustainable solutions fueled by unique insights into the needs of potential customers. Our goal is to help build successful businesses and create a better future for the world at large. Our approach is profoundly collaborative as we bring to you world-class expertise that transforms your focus and enables you to accomplishes greater feats. Hence, we ignite measurable results by helping you forge an adaptive mindset for transformational growth.

About Our Work

About Our Work

In everything we do, we stay true to our philosophy that our client’s success is our success, and so tailor our unique strategies and methodologies to your organization’s needs without disrespecting your legacies or incredible journey. We will help your business uncover hidden opportunities and markets to outsmart your future. Thus, we strive to avert chaos and overcome growth problems by bringing you deep expertise, experience, and assessment to drive effective turnarounds while setting the groundwork – organizational structure, processes, and talents – for long-term success.

At Infinx OpEx, we work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, delivering specialty services such as Business Transformation, Supply Chain Management, Policy Deployment Assessment and Planning, Productivity Assessment & Planning, Leadership Coaching, Project Management, Auditing, Data Analytics, Lean Six Sigma, and Lean Six Sigma Mentoring. Through our zeal for greatness, we have also successfully trained and certified Green Belts, Black Belts, Champions. We have also trained Executives, Managers, Process Engineers, Plant Managers, and Data Analysts across diverse organizations in a huge number of forward-thinking companies.

Because we work as an existing arm of your organization, we guarantee that our tailored growth solutions can help you adapt fast to disruptive change to win the future.

Our Difference

Infinix OpEx’s mission is fueled by our founder’s philosophy and vast experience in supply chain optimization, quality management and Lean Six Sigma Expert across industry verticals. Therefore, we bring to your organization tremendous wealth of resources, technologies and an intense passion for driving higher profitability, productivity and cost/waste reduction. We will help your organization build leading-edge operational excellence and quality management systems from scratch. Our approach begins from thorough assessments of your people, processes and systems to identify areas of underperformance and implement the right innovative growth strategies for long term success.

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